David England - Voice Coach for Radio, Television, and Business Presentations and Public Speaking

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WHAT you say is IMPORTANT - the WAY you say it, MORE SO.

It's no good having something dynamic or riveting to say, and ruining it with poor presentation. If you PRACTISE it and REHEARSE it you'll not only sound convincing; you'll feel confident, assured, and free of nerves. Here's some of the positive outcomes you can enjoy ...

  • Control your fear of speaking in public

  • Increase vocal power and projection

  • Develop a voice that commands respect and attention

  • Inspire others and motivate them to action

  • Make a lasting impact

Strong business presentation skills help inspire others to take action. Whether you're selling your services, motivating the sales staff for a product launch, or securing budget approval for a bold new venture, the ability to engage your listeners and win their cooperation is critical to the success of any presentation. A skilled presentation/voice coach can help the junior manager grow and the seasoned CEO shine.

“Communication plays an important part in every aspect of business, but human communication through the VOICE remains the most effective if clear, articulate and vital. Through David’s expertise I have a more impactful voice and presentation skills, leading to greater potential”.

Owen Loeffellechner,  Head of Security at the BANK of New Zealand.


Corporate presentations are about getting results

The best presenters are focused and in sync with the audience. My coaching introduces professionalism so you're prepared to take the floor and deliver. You'll learn to recognize nervous energy and re-direct it productively, as well as how your body language impacts your presence. I will help you discover how to use your voice and speech to enhance your message, and how to scale your overall performance to the size of your audience. Perhaps most importantly, you'll see that effective presentation is as much about achieving a response, as it is about speaking.

I create a relaxed and co-operative environment to efficiently explore new possibilities and strengthen existing skills. My professional and straightforward approach will instill you with the confidence necessary for clear presentations that get desired business results.

"David is a true professional. The results are immediate." Eb Leary, Auckland Court Lawyer for over 20 years.

When you speak, others will listen. Contact me today to learn more about influencing others ...


David England - Professional Voice Coach     Ph: 09 422-0064  Mob: 0272 805-795

Email: david@voicecoach.co.nz      PO Box 37-136, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand




David England - Voice Coach for Radio, Television, Business and Public Speaking