David England - Voice Coach for Radio, Television, and Business Presentations and Public Speaking

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Because I am a Professional Voice Coach I will train you well

The work of a voice coach is practical. You'll experience the change in your voice and in the way you feel about yourself. Here are some of the changes and "new found" qualities you'll enjoy ...

  • Good Breath Control - it's a priority. Breathe deep, breathe slow. You’ll relax, think more clearly, and retain energy.
  • It’s not just volume – we'll be looking for the quality, production, pitch, pace, emphasis, and expression.
  • Clear Speech involves mouth, jaws, lips, and tongue. They need warming-up. Then we get to the important bit - COMMUNICATION. It must be NATURAL, CLEAR, VITAL AND AUTHORITATIVE.
  • We all love patterns – they have a sense of home, of comfort. But if we’re always singing the same tune it’s boring. Every voice has an amazing range of expression – you can hit the highs and hit the lows, and everything in between.
  • A strong beginning and a strong ending. Good advice but often not that easy. And voices get tired. They’re only human. We’ll take your vocal muscles to the gym. Make your voice vibrate from top to toe.
  • There’s no such thing as a Perfect Voice. Your voice must be a personal expression of you. Statistics indicate negative reactions to the over-nasal, high, or whiny voice and to sing-song vocal patterns. You need to be the boss. You need to be in control.
  • Everyone has an accent. I can advise you on any modification necessary and correct pronunciation.
  • Spoken language is different from written language. I’ll help you find the best words to say. You must write for the EAR, NOT the EYE - simple and concise. It's going to be LISTENED to, NOT READ.

Are you ready to begin on a journey of confidence, influence, power, and presence  ....


David England - Professional Voice Coach     Ph: 09 422-0064  Mob: 0272 805-795

Email: david@voicecoach.co.nz      PO Box 37-136, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand




David England - Voice Coach for Radio, Television, Business and Public Speaking